MaraJet LSES Mimaki ES3 Compatible Ink 440 ml


MaraJet Mimaki compatible ES3 inks are made from the highest quality pigments to ensure excellent light-fastness, and are developed and produced with the same strict tolerances as OEM inks.

Solvent-based Inkjet Printing Ink for Mimaki JV33 and JV300 printers using ES3 Ink

• Plug and Play Cartridges
• Perfect Color Match to OEM
• Lower Production Costs
• High-Quality, Reliable Inks

DI-LSES for Mimaki is a replacement ink for Mimaki JV33 and JV300 printers using ES3 ink. Users can simply install MaraJet cartridges into their printers when their current OEM cartridges are empty and there is no need for flushing or new color profiles thanks to MaraJet’s perfect color match. MaraJet inks offer outstanding performance and value for your printing needs by combining excellent light fastness, vivid color density and a wide color gamut.

This ink provides straight-forward compatibility, allowing direct swapping from OEM in all the common refill formats. Flushing is needed only if switching from other aftermarket inks